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Dear listener, welcome to my website. Here you can find out more about the music I that i make, what i have done in the past and performances of my music in the near future. If you want to get in touch with me, please visit my contacts page.

Gustav Lindsten

Electroacoustic music

COMA I (2022)

”Coma I is a collection of live electronic compositions that i created while the pandemic was still going on. The music reflects themes such as isolation, introspection and a rekindled fascination for modular synthesis and lofi gear.”

Vocal Music

Missa Nova (2023)

”In this project, I aim to merge the tradition of sacred music with contemporary compositional techniques, including sound design with live-electronic means. The liturgical heritage of the church and choir tradition are intertwined with the modern musical landscape of electronic sounds. As the composer, I delve into questions of the divine versus the human, utilizing instruments rooted in our time and a musical language familiar to my generation. The choir is complemented with music that wouldn’t be possible in an acoustic setting, as an attempt to further elevate liturgical music towards the sublime and unfathomable.”

My gratitude extends to the Swedish Church for generously providing the 2018 Cultural Grant, making this project possible.

Hildegard Sequence (2018) – For mixed choir & electronics

Hildegard Sequence: O fire of the spirit

Musical reflection on the work of composer Hildegard of Bingen.Composed in the summer of 2018.

Chamber works

Invocare – for recorder & electronics
Deus ex machina – For recorder, string quintet & electronics
A tree of thought – For recorder, EEG scanner & electronics
Beacons (2022) – For solo recorder

Beacons was composed in the summer of 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden for recorder player Clara Guldberg Ravn to whom the piece is also dedicated. In this piece i drew most of my inspiration from reflections on light and distance. While composing i had a very vivid visual image of small lights signaling from far away. Like a lighthouse throwing short bursts of light out into the dark or satellites flashing in the void of space. I wanted to write in such a way that the feeling of distance and rythmical energy embodies the idea of those visual images that followed me through the composing process. Sometimes the images are represented in the form of rich rythmical figures, sometimes in the form of thinly spread out melodical fragments.

Shifting light (2022) – For solo piano